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The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I've been losing lots of weight ever since NJ was born, which will have been a year on December 9. My how things can change in just one year. That alone is humbling, and yet, invigorating. Lesson: Don't get in a frenzy over future planning.

I had been holding out on buying any new, smaller clothes, hoping rather that I was going to actually have a butt again someday. But, I have not been feeling very cute lately, and it's time to get my mojo back.

First, I went to J.Crew. For one thing, I'm not too keen on the skinny, "minnie," cropped trend. I'm short = not a good idea to cut off the little legs that I have above the ankle. The only more "traditional" (I never thought I'd use this word to describe myself, ever.) bootcut jeans they have don't come in my size. Seriously, they don't make them small enough. I really am shrinking. What the hell? I do, however, know where they have teeny jeans, and I haven't been there in, like, 10 years. Dear lord, don't make me say it. Abercrombie.

I looked on the mall directory for the store. I couldn't even find it. I was looking in the "Women's Apparel" section, because I'm a woman, and I'm looking for clothes, for women. But, Abercrombie is in the "Teen's Apparel" section, which is why I couldn't freakin find it. But, guess what, I got fabulous jeans there, in a size 00 mind you. The only problem is that I cannot get the smell of that damn perfume out of my hair – finally, an upside to balding. Anyway, my butt is back, and so is my mojo.

Happy Tears

Premature Balding