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Note to Anyone Who Will Listen: I Want These Gifts for Mother's Day

Note to Anyone Who Will Listen: I Want These Gifts for Mother's Day

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I love, well, mostly ALL gifts—but I don’t like a sugar gift, like Skittles. No Skittles, please. They make my teeth hurt and give me an immediate stomach ache. The girls, on the other hand, they want ALL the Skittles (sour, to be precise).

And nothing from Target. See, that sounds ungrateful, but seriously. Who is it that actually makes that stuff that they can sell it so cheap? Someone who’s getting the bad end of the deal, that’s who. So, no thanks. And I just want something nicer in every way.

This is a gift list of the most perfect gifts that are good for you and lovely, too.

  1. Flower seeds! Ahh, my favorite. And any lovely, well-made gardening tools, like snips and gloves. Still though, seeds are my favorite. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Wrap them up in pretty paper (or cloth!) or create a garden-themed gift box with individually wrapped presents.. My favorite place for seeds and garden gear is Floret.

  2. Cocktail napkins. I’m in love with cocktail napkins. Guests are so surprised when you have darling cloth napkins for drinks. They are so fun, and they’re sustainable because you’re not wasting paper and trees. These make an amazing hostess, shower, and wedding gift, too. My favorites are from Hibiscus Linens. And oh my gosh, she hand-embroiders all of these, and they have a delicate, classic crocheted edge. Gorge-ous!

  3. Plant and flower press. I’ve been coveting this for a while now and must have it soon. This lovely gadget is from Sow the Land. They are a small, family-owned homestead and business with the most swoon-worthy handcrafted spoons, woodwork, apothecary items, and this amazing plant and flower press. So many times I’ve foraged flowers and leaves, stuck them in a book, and then discovered them about 10 years later! This is an ingenious invention.

  4. 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf book. This is the book that I discovered at Anthro in the early stages of admitting—and actually pursuing—my scarf obsession. I’ve gone back to it time and time again. The illustrations, descriptions, and colors are subtle and exquisite. Lauren Friedman, the author and illustrator, even drew the illustrations for my own Trinity Infinity Scarf styling cards! Love her. You need this book. Her blog, My Closet in Sketches, is pretty great, too.

  5. Garden & Gun magazine + subscription. I LOVE this magazine, and so will the pretty ladies in your life. I can’t get enough, which is why an actual print issue plus the promise of another coming soon in the mail is a true act of love.

  6. Luxurious, good-smelling, healing stuff for my skin and body. Annmarie Gianni anything. Yes, hell yes, please. Anti-aging facial oil though is my absolute fave.

  7. Handmade leather Bible case. I love everything this sweet company makes. The artist behind Hosanna Revival makes the most beautiful hand-painted Bibles, and offers these envelope-style Bible cases with two pretty little brass buttons. I’m obsessing over the one in Peacock.

  8. Art prints (framed!). You can never have too many scarves, or too much art. There are so many places to get beautiful, inexpensive art prints online, and you can grab an inexpensive frame just about anywhere. (Okay, Target.) The print that I’m dy(e)ing to have lately is from natural dyer Sasha Duerr, and it’s called “The Seasonal Color Wheel.” It’s made up of beautiful color swatches with all of the dye colors that can be found naturally in regions around the country based on season. O-M-G. It’s sooo pretty. (This is the one pictured at the top of this post.)

  9. Healing tonics and elixirs. Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting just saying those words?! It totally does to me. Wild Roots Apothecary is led by expert herbalist Colleen O’Bryant. She mades all kinds of healing tonics, and also, lucky for us, elixirs for specialty, bespoke cocktails. How perfect for spring gatherings? I’ll take my mimosa with Rosehip Hibiscus Botanical Syrup please, and thank you.

  10. Super soft, naturally dyed, organic cotton scarf. Obviously. You can’t go wrong with a Saint Virginia scarf. Every gal LOVES a scarf. Every time a sweet gent buys a scarf from me, I’m so excited for his wife or lovely lady friend. Because I know it will be a hit. Only the most thoughtful guys buy their gals a scarf, and guess what guys, if you’re reading this—she’ll love you for it, and think of you every single time she wears it. True love. It’s the perfect gift for moms and sisters, too. Like I said, you can never have too many scarves. Never, ever. They are shipped in lovely tissue paper and wrapped up in a hand-dyed bow ready for gift-giving.

There you have it, friends. The best, healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on the planet. Happy springtime.

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