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Saint Virginia is a sustainable textile design company led by creative director Amy Hindman, natural dyer, breast cancer survivor, health advocate, and writer. God, healing, and cotton are at the heart of everything that happens around here.  

A percentage of proceeds is donated to Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered to support women and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian, and related cancers.


Hi, I'm Amy. I think I'll leave this old picture of me in a very lovely, very itchy wig, and then follow with the new me. Coming soon! Besides that, I still get amazed that I  have real hair again and that it's gotten kinda long. For a long time, I didn't really believe I'd get to ever have that, especially. Ahh, what a blessing. I'll never take my hair for granted ever again.

Besides that, I love Mormons, all sorts of medicine, and very soft yarn, mostly my little girls, and always my husband, and God. I'm a cancer survivor. Sometimes it can be weird and hard, and hopefully this will help others who may also find it weird and hard, cancer or not, and that I can share the small bits of wisdom I've mustered in my handful of years as a breast cancer "survivor."

This is my story, a few pearls I've found along the way, and what's seemingly to come after we're "well" again. That part gets foggy. But you're here, and amen to that!

Survivorship vs. Survivorshit

The Sweet and Lowdown